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    Default Final push advice.

    My name is Chelsea and I am 20 years old. These past 4 years I have been struggling with a fear of driving. I have improved greatly these last two years. I have a good amount of driving experience under my belt. I went through the worst of my fear and after multiple breakdowns, I finally got to a point to where I could actually drive and enjoy it. However, the anxiety is always there. I have my permit and I need to finally push myself to get my license. I haven't driven in months and the fear I have has built itself back up, but nowhere near where I used to be but enough to hold me back. I get nervous whenever I go out driving but I feel that I am a good driver, I am just a very nervous driver. Anyone have any advice for me to push myself to take that final step and schedule a driving test?

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    Smile Just Do It!

    The 1st thing I'd suggest is to get behind the wheel again -- as soon as possible. I think avoidance only increases one's anxiety. Practice, practice, practice. Rebuild your confidence. Make mini goals for yourself. Then schedule that test.

    I understand the tendency to describe yourself as a nervous driver. Believe me I do. But try adding more positive thoughts. Try thinking, saying out loud & writing thoughts like these... "I am a very safe driver. I am very careful when I drive. I am becoming more & more comfortable all the time. Practice makes perfect. Driving is becoming more & more routine for me." Ever see the movie "Rainman?" The Dustin Hoffman character repeatedly says, "I'm an excellent driver." So are you!

    Also visualize yourself driving with confidence. Imagine it, see it in your mind's eye. Dream it.

    Keep us posted & Good Luck.

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    Your fear of driving is probably caused by a greater fear like fear of death or injury. But you can't really live today without driving, and you can't die without living...So you just have to do it. Get a car you really like and love to drive, like me




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