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    Default How do I get over backhandspring and other tumbling fears?

    okay so i have a perfect backhandspring and i can do it without a spotter. my tumbling coach make me do 5 in a row the take a 10 second break until i get to 100. brutal. i love it tho. just recently i syke myself out and i guess i might be going too fast or im thinking too hard but i syke myself out and im pissing myself off so much! haha please help me get better with this!
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    When I used to tumble, the trick was always just to keep doing it! The more you do it, the less anxiety you will have. It sounds like you are getting plenty of practice though, so just keep it up! In addition to that, learning harder trick occasionally makes easier ones less scary. That might be something to think about if you get comfortable enough to throw some back tucks or something.




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