Hi everyone! I am 21 and have no driving experience beyond my drivers ed in tenth grade and a few times after that. I am also very afraid of driving. I am scared of all the things that can go wrong, the statistics on car crashes and that soemthing bad will happen to me. Honestly I do not really care if I have a license but I have to have one for my job and my last year in college. I have been relying on family and friends to get me where I need to go and I feel extremely embarassed to have to always catch a ride with my friends. I know they think im strange for not driving. I do not know anyone else who does not have a drivers license. I took drivers ed when I was 15 and got my permit but after that I did not drive very much, I kept putting off getting my license after my permit expired. The few times I did drive I always felt I drove too slow and that it angered the people behind me. I got my permit renewed last year and it expires in June so I have to get my license now. I am terrified of changing lanes and getting on and off exits. I am also scared of losing control, getting over for cars and especially trucks, getting off exits. I am afraid of parking and driving on curvy two lane roads and busy interstates and in rain. Before I take the test in May, I will start practiceing around my community with my dad as co-pilot and hope for the best. I really want to be a good, safe driver and feel like since I am starting so late and not having the experience others my age already have, that I will never be very good. Its also embarassing my younger brother already has his license. I know I am letting my fear of all the what ifs get in my way of enjoying driving and having that freedom.